Karen Beriss
One of the best booth promoters around - Garrett Leahy, PhD


You spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to exhibit at a trade show, but without people stopping in your booth to speak with your sales people, you might as well be throwing that money away.

  • Are you looking to increase qualified leads at your next trade show?
  • Do you need to attract people to your exhibit?
  • Do you want people to remember your company long after the event is done?
If you answered yes to any of those questions, you need to contact Karen Beriss.

Utilizing extraordinary sleight-of-hand, Karen will expertly weave your company's message into a powerful, jaw-dropping and memorable presentation, helping your sales people find the more qualified leads. Her work has captured the eye of NPR, Marketplace, Washingtonian Magazine and The Wall Street Journal. Karen can help attract your target audience to the booth. The audience will learn your company's most important benefits. Through laughter and magic, they will remember your company's name and bring their associates back to your booth again and again.

Karen has been performing at trade shows and conferences around the world for over 20 years. Her dry wit combined with jaw-dropping, eyebrow raising magic and your message, make for an affordable and winning return on your investment at any event, large or small.

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Whether you are looking for a stage show or just someone to stroll around your party and entertain, Karen Beriss' magic is the perfect solution.

Karen Beriss has a comedy magic act that is great at any event. She has worked at the Comedy Zone in DC for many years now. She has opened for Leon Redbone at The Birchmere and performed around the world. She has performed for Secretary of State John Kerry, Washington Capital's owner Ted Leonsis, many of the players for the Washington Capitals, Johnny Depp, Robert Goulet, Kirstie Alley, inaugural parties for George W. Bush and President Barack Obama and many more. It is the perfect show for your company events. Karen is engaging and charming and your guests are guaranteed to leave smiling.

Whether performing for your 40th birthday party, your family reunion, your b'nai mitzvah, or anywhere else, Karen promises your guests will be amazed, entertained and still trying to figure out “how she did that” days after the event.

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It has been proven that the majority of people fear public speaking more than death. Karen can turn that around for you and make it fun.

How many trade shows have you been to where the presenter is dry and hard to watch? Be honest, how many times is your own staff giving that presentation? They are practically unintelligible, even with a microphone. The audience stays for the give-aways, but is really not all that interested because they can't hear or understand your presenter.

Most technical folks are not trained in public speaking. So even if they have to speak for only 10 minutes, it is a serious challenge for them. They often dread doing the work because it is so very terrifying for them, but they do it because it is their job doing so. Karen will give your staff the tools they need to be comfortable presenting at shows.

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